and still it moves
2 okt 202028 Mar 2021

and still it moves, by the artists Ulla Eriksen (DK), Maria Michailidou (GR) and Mette Borup Kristensen (DK), activates The Museum of Ancient Art’s cast collection and offers an exhibition, a series of events and a publication.

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The project examines movement as a theme, from the dynamics of the Greek sculptures, to the weathering of the material of the sculpture itself, to movements in bodies and dance.

The changeability and understanding in itself is also a kind of a movement that influences how we shape the present and perceive the past. The project activates museum collection, and shows how the use of the past is relevant in the formulation of cultural understanding and thoughts on how we can move forward.

The first intervention in the museum space is an installation, that creates an open and flexible space through large movable curtains that can screen or highlight areas in the collection, as well as floor drawings that invite movement through the spaces. This installation forms the background for the event programme and monthly additions that take place up to and including March 2021.

Researchers and performers are invited to interact with the exhibition through monthly events and contribute to the exhibition’s procedural format, as a platform for dialogue, and the movement that arises in interactions.

The Performative Way is a method developed within the artist group to gather common experience and material. Using this method, the process of the exhibitions is being continuously documented and compiled into a publication that is published as a conclusion to the project.

and still it moves
2 okt 202028 Mar 2021


'and still it moves'