Christine Laquet: 2019, OK
14 Sep 20196 okt 2019

The title 2019, OK refers to the “city killer” asteroid that hurtled past Earth last July at an uncomfortably close proximity. Being in contact with meteorites is one aspect of Christine Laquet’s research. As they are the vestiges of our past and constitute our most distant memories, they help us to delve into our doubts, and question our fears and representations.

Thanks to a loan from the Copenhagen Natural History Museum a sample of the Aarhus Meteorite will be shown in a new context and on the 4th of Oct. Laquet will propose a collective walking performance to share a celebration: the 68 years old of the anniversary of its fall on Earth.

From fiction to documentary, Laquet employs multiple forms and she will regularly invite other artists, art critics, and scientists to collaborate during the show. 2019, OK is clearly thought of as an invitation to the vertigo of elsewhere and to the depth of space. While rethinking the configuration of spatio-temporal relationships between humans, non-humans or technology, the exhibition will also question how to habitate and re-imagine the temporality of Western modernity.

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Christine Laquet: 2019, OK
14 Sep 20196 okt 2019


'Christine Laquet: 2019, OK'