Event: Okkult onsdag
3 okt 2020  20

Okkult Onsdag (Occult Wednesday) is a platform for experiments between art and ideas of spirituality and consciousness. Okkult Onsdag takes the pulse of the hermetic corpus and the spiritual state of the times. As an awareness, Okkult Onsdag will both dig up and be buried. A diagnosis and an autopsy are made: we are incurably fatal. Long live the bibliomobic!


Okkult Onsdag invites to a tongue-in-cheek performance soundtrack, where drawings turn into orally performed scores.

At the event, you can request a copy of the Okkult Onsdag publication.

Attend – if you dare – outside Spiselauget at Godsbanen on Saturday 3 October at 20.00.

The Okkult Onsdag publication is also available online on Art Weekend Aarhus’ website in the period 2 – 4 October.



Skovgaardsgade 3
8000 Aarhus C

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Event: Okkult onsdag
3 okt 2020  20


'Event: Okkult onsdag'