familiar walls
4 okt 202013 Nov 2020

Home objects, vulnerability, new corona rituals and contemporary art intertwine in the kitchen gallery Hjemme Igen.

In connection with Art Weekend Aarhus, photographer Emily Beresford is moving in with the exhibition familiar walls. In this exhibition and in collaboration with Hjemme Igen, Beresford is interested in longing and memories linked to the concept of ‘home’.

Photo: Emily Beresford.

Beresford describes the exhibition in the following:

“I have a romance with the idea of ​​home. What makes a home? Is it the traditions we create? Goodbye kisses in the morning? I wonder how my parents made ours so special. During the pandemic, home has only become more important; the one we’ve made together more precious. Without being able to go home to visit family in the US, I go there through FaceTime, sitting for hours talking with my family. Doing what we used to is like a dream. I’ve created a dream world of all my homes. For now, I am home again ”.

The works of Beresford take place in and around the apartment’s kitchen, where the exhibition space creates opportunity for interaction and presence with each other and the works. Hjemme Igen is aiming to keep the door open to the intimate, in order to articulate the pandemic and its challenge of closeness – to maintain openness and curiosity and to defy loneliness.

Join us for breakfast and photography in a home and have a nice chat with another guest, while home, art, privacy and the public are intertwined.

During the exhibition period, it is possible to book time for coffee in the kitchen by sending an email to the curator and resident of the apartment Anne Dyhr a@annedyhr.dk

Hjemme igen

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familiar walls
4 okt 202013 Nov 2020


'familiar walls'