2 okt 202017 okt 2020

In the exhibition Jordbunden, Kasper Kjeldgaard, Louise Gaarmann, Carl Emil Jacobsen and Ida Elke reflect on the meeting between people and materials in a constantly changing world.

The exhibitors’ backgrounds in art, crafts and design are united in a common curiosity for materiality, our surroundings and the challenges we face today. Challenges that require reflection and reconsideration.


Louise Gaarmann’s oversized ceramic seashells are a study of the concept of home. Even when other undulating forces move one around, let us drift out, and shake up our world, one can rest safely and naturally in a mobile shell.

With mycelium-based material and carved, silver-plated fungi, Ida Elke speculates in ambiguous states; to visualize mycelium and fungi as both material and organism. Using archetypal figures such as cairns and masks, some of the mythologies associated with fungi are evoked.

Kasper Kjeldgaard contributes with a series of works that capture the abstract, and the abstract work’s relation to the functional. The concepts of weight and rotation are examined in the materials granite, wire, and brass.

Smeltepuder is a new series of works by Carl Emil Jacobsen. At first glance, the soft, white-lacquered steel cushions distort our gaze and the 240cm long sculpture, Spantform, is galvanized so that the material appears recognizable and futuristically opaque at the same time.

The exhibition is curated by Henriette Noermark.

County hospital

Tage Hansens Gade 6c, 8000 Aarhus

Åbningstider under Art Weekend:
fre kl. 16-20
lør-søn kl. 13-17

Åbningstider efter Art Weekend:
tors-lør kl. 14-17 og efter aftale

2 okt 202017 okt 2020