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Marianne Jørgensen, Anne Dyhr, Trine Bach, David Ramirez, Freja Niemann Lundrup, Lene Desmentik and Mette Skriver are a group of artists, who all work with clay as a material to varying degrees.

Press photo.

During the closure of the country due to the corona crisis and the ‘prepping’ that naturally occurs, they have – based on the Oseberg ship, a historical example of prepping from 834 – created a happening in the form of an archaeological excavation. The oven is the central element where the clay undergoes a transformation from soft plasticity, to an imperishable material through the burning process.

The oven is filled with remedies, things and shapes that point to the phenomenon of ‘prepping’ and everyday life during the corona shutdown. There is always some tension, uncertainty and uncertainty associated with the burning and opening of an oven, which may be reminiscent of an archeological excavation. What has happened during the burning?

The installation is a processual happening / exhibition that takes place during Art Weekend Aarhus. Throughout the opening hours, at least two of the participating artists will be present.

Throughout the course, the audience has the opportunity to talk about the artistic processes, while they take place, and they can follow the process of a burning as an embedded part of the installation, when the oven and installation are built, the burning itself, when the oven is opened and the contents are excavated and included in the installation.


P. Hiort-Lorenzens Vej 19 A-D, Aarhus K

Fredag 2. okt. Kl. 10-17
Lørdag 3. okt. Kl. 10-22
Søndag 4. okt. Kl. 10-17


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2 okt 20204 okt 2020